Levitating pots and terrariums for your houseplants

Home plants have already become an integral feature of stylish modern interiors.

We make inspiring products which emphasize natural beauty of your houseplants and turn them to eye catching point.

Levitating pot

Leplant is a levitating system allowing you to cultivate your favorite plants...in mid-air. It consists of a wooden pot that floats over an oak base via magnetic levitation. The pot slowly rotates during suspension.

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Levitating lamp

Lite is a levitating lamp which combines classic form and modern technology. It floats over an oak base via magnetic levitation and shades warm and cosy light. The real magic of light. 

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Plant terrarium

Glass terrariums are perfect for growing houseplants. They let you add more plants to your home and create a unique interior landscape. Just plant your favorite houseplants, water them and enjoy their beauty.

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Our retail store

Our welcoming retail store in Moscow is a green area, created for those who aspire living in harmony with the nature. 

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